Syllabus for examination

 Sample questions

NOTE: The Medical University of Warsaw does not cover the transport (back and forth) and accommodation fees of the candidates to the venue of the examination.

Each candidate should arrive at the examination venue 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination. No additional time will be granted for those who are late.

Please take for the entrance exam your valid passport (copy of the passport  or any other documents will not be accepted) and your ID number provided by the on-line admission system.

1. The entrance examination consists of 100 MCQ questions:

  • biology (high level) – 35,
  • chemistry (high level) – 35,
  • physics (standard level) – 30.

2. Syllabus for the entrance examination is to be found here:

3. Each question has 4 answers, but only one is correct.

4. The maximum points is 100 - every positive answer is 1 point.

5. The exam lasts 2 hours.

6. Candidate, who is late more than 30 minutes will not be allowed to sit for examination. The examination finishes after two hours for everybody, even for those who were late (it means that they will have less time to complete the exam).

7. Candidates are permitted to take the following items into examination:

- writing materials, eg pens in a clear pencil case

- water in a clear bottle with label removed

- basic calculator (advances calculator will not be allowed during the exam)

8. Candidates are not permitted to take the following items into examination:

- bags (including handbags)

- wallets

- food

- mobile phones, mp3 players and other electronic devices

- books and any dictionaries