The Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy, forming part of the Warsaw University, resumed undergraduate education programs in 1945. The Academy of Dentistry, founded that year, was incorporated into the Faculty of Medicine of Warsaw University as the Division of Dentistry in 1949. In January 1950, faculties of medicine and pharmacy at all Polish universities were transformed into independent tertiary schools, Academies of Medicine.

The newly established Warsaw Medical Academy had two Faculties, one being the Faculty of Medicine (with a Sub-faculty of Dentistry) and the other being the Faculty of Pharmacy. Professor Franciszek Czubalski (Rector of the Warsaw University 1945-1949) was appointed as its first Rector. Warsaw Medical Academy took over some buildings formerly belonging to the Warsaw University and the Infant Jesus Hospital with a complex of teaching hospitals situated in Lindleya St. The building in Filtrowa St. housed the Rector’s Office, the Deans’ Offices and Administration.


Physicians who were also academic teachers worked at Warsaw hospitals. After World War II, the Karol and Maria Children’s Hospital founded by Zofia Szlenkierówna, which had been destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, was rebuilt as a new pediatrics hospital in Działdowska St. with Professor Władysław Szenajch as its Managing Director. In 1950 the Chair of Pediatrics 2 was moved from there to the hospital in Litewska St. In 1975 a new Central Teaching Hospital was opened in Banacha St. It offered the most specialized level of health care and the most sophisticated technology in Poland at the time. In that same year, 25 years after the foundation of the Medical Academy, the 2nd Faculty of Medicine was established with the city hospital in Kondratowicza St in the Bródno district of Warsaw as its main clinical teaching center.

Also in 1975, the Transplantation Institute was founded, a brainchild of Professor Tadeusz Orłowski. Among other projects, the Institute was the first to introduce a program of renal transplantation coordinated and supervised by Professor Tadeusz Orłowski and Professor Jan Nielubowicz (Rector of the Medical Academy in the years 1981-1986).

In 1993, the English Division with English as the language of instruction was created for international students at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine. In 2001 – the Physiotherapy Division was formed.

In 2000, the Medical Academy of Warsaw – now known in English as the Medical University of Warsaw – celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation. Other important events of that year included the ceremony of the 50th anniversary of graduation of the 1950 class and the inauguration of a building at 61 Żwirki and Wigury St., which now is the seat of the Senate, the authorities and the administration of the Medical University of Warsaw.