Rules of payment


Article 1.

The studies pursued in the English Division of the Pharmacy Department of the Medical University of Warsaw (MUW) are subject to payment.

Article 2.

  1. The value of the payment for whole academic year (tuition fee) is determined by the Rector following an opinion in this respect issued by the Senate by the 31st December of the year preceding the academic year in question.
  2. The payment terms including the rules passed by the following resolution and Rector´s directive establishing the value of payments for tuition and repetition of subjects are determined by a written contract concluded with the student.
  3. A specimen of the contract is determined by Rector´s directive.

Article 3.

  1. The payments referred to in the following rules should be paid to the relevant bank account of the Medical University in Warsaw given in the contract.
  2. The payments should be made giving the first name and surname of the student, the student´s record book number, if it is already given, with a remark „English Division” and reference to the academic year, according to the following schedule:
    1. The application fee at the latest by 15th June of the calendar year in which a student submits the application.
    2. The date for payment of the application fee for students transferring from other higher education institutions being set individually by the Dean of the Pharmacy Department (Dean)
    3. The date for payment of the admission fee at the latest by the date set by the Admission Board. This payment is made only by candidates approved by the Admission Bard for the first study year or students transferring from other higher education institutions;
    4. The tuition fee should be paid on a one-off basis for the whole academic year – before the academic year begins,
    5. In justified cases the Dean may extend the deadline for payment of fees or agree to pay  a fee in installments separately for each academic year or semester. In case the payment is divided into installments the amount of each installment shall be increased by statutory interest rate calculated from the amount divided into installments, ie the amount paid at a later date than that provided for one-time payment.
    6. All additional payments for repeating subjects or passing additional exam should be paid in full amount before beginning of the next semester.
  3. The date of payment is a date on which the amount entered the account of the University.
  4. Bank transactions costs of:
    1. foreign banks are borne by the payer
    2. domestic banks are borne by the Medical University (MUW)
    3. .
  5. Evidence of payment should be presented to the Dean´s Office of the English Division before the given academic year begins and in case of semester payments by the 1st October for winter semester and by the 31st January for summer semester of given academic year
  6. The Dean´s Office will give out a student´s record book and an examination card for a new academic year only and solely on the presentation of evidence of payment according to the rules described in section 5.
  7. Students financing studies with loans or credit should present to the Dean´s Office an application with the aim of certifying the necessary document in a non-extendible period by 25th September.

Article 4.

  1. On a justified application by a student the Dean can reschedule the payment of tuition fee.
  2. Applications for the rescheduling the payment accompanied by a justification and possible supportive documentation confirming the occurrence of an extraordinary event, should be submitted before the academic year begins.
  3. A student has the right to appeal against the Dean´s decision to the Deputy Rector for Teaching and Education within 7 days. The decision of the Deputy Rector for Teaching and Education is final.
  4. The tuition fee paid in for a given academic year or for next semester can be credited in the first place on account of possible student´s obligations towards MUW

Article 5.

  1. In case of repeating a year student pays in a fee of 100% of the amount for each repeated subject. The fee is determined according to a percentage indicator of the share in payment for a given subject in relation to the value of the tuition fee for a given academic year.
  2. Students transferring from other higher education institutions enrolled conditionally on a given academic year/ course pay in a fee amounting to 100% of the set amount for each subject being a percentage indicator of the share of payment for a given subject in relation to the value of the tuition fee in a given academic year.
  3. In justified case, when a student is conditionally admitted to attending a higher course because of non-credited subject but is not obliged to repeat this subject and must only pass an examination should in this case pay for each examination in question. The value of payment is determined in Rector´s directive. Te student can sit such an examination provided he/she presents to the examiner a valid examination card which is issued by the Dean´s Office on presentation of evidence of an examination payment made.

Article 6.

  1. Should the delay in making the payment exceed 30 days, the Dean can, acting on a motion of the Deputy Dean of the English Division cross a student out from the list of students. The student has the right to appeal against the Dean´s decision to the Deputy Rector for Teaching and Education within 7 days of receiving the decision. The decision of the Deputy Rector for Teaching and Education is final.
  2. Students who are behind with payments longer than three months will be crossed out from the student´s list.
  3. Penalty interest for payments made after the due date will be calculated and charged.

Article 7.

  1. According to Dean´s decision the paid-in tuition fee shall be refunded in the following cases:
    1. obtaining by the student a Dean´s leave or sick leave;
    2. resigning from studies for any other important, justified reasons.
  2. The refund shall be equivalent to the part of the tuition fee paid in for the full months remaining to the end of the studies or according to Dean´s decision determined in Article 3 section 2 point 4.
  3. The duration of the academic year is 9 calendar months.
  4. A student can apply for the refund of tuition fee within three years from the date of crossing the student out from MUW student´s list.

Article 8.

    The paid-in tuition fee shall not be refunded in case of:
  1. resignation from studies for reasons other than those specified in Article 7 section 1;
  2. a student being crossed out form the list of students.